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iSee VC


Collaborative and Virtual Video Conferencing

Virtual Video Conferencing in action. iSee is a collaboration platform transforming distance education
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Satellite Campuses are at the forefront of distance learning and are fundamentally transforming the way students learn.

iSee takes it to the next level, it is a video collaboration platform that facilitates flexible education within a virtual environment.

We were presented with

The Challenge

iSee VC needed a dedicated and experienced development team to enhance and support their video conferencing platform.

We took over development of a 12 year old codebase to minimise technical debt while also adding in new features. We needed to ensure iSee was sustainable for the future.

That became

The Solution

Scale up for Success

To help secure a key client, we enhanced the iSee platform's feature set to meet the minimum curriculum requirements

Our experts continue to optimise the platform's 'Spatial Video Conferencing' and provide extensive support that minimises bugs, amplifies security and improves overall usability.
Image of iSee platform on desktop. Work team using iSee for virtual video conferencing. Available for Windows and MacOS
Screenshot of virtual meeting room in iSee, colleagues video conferencing and collaborating. Available on Windows and MacOS

Accessibility & Security Upgrade

We've made major improvements to iSee's accessibility to accomodate users with disabilities.

We added clearer, audio events and improved UI flow to allow blind users to navigate the platform seamlessly.

We implemented new security components and more secure channels that allowed iSee to pass initial testing with DOE as an official digital curriculum tool.

New 2D & 3D Environments

‍We designed new custom 3Dvirtual spaces where students and staff could interact just like they do on-campus.

We modeled the virtual campus to resemble the University of Wollongong campus, using Unity to render realistic lighting, textures and terrain.
Screenshot of 3D modeling of virtual university campus for iSee video collaboration platform. Using Unity engine to design realistic functional online locations.

Which led to

The Results

Client Secured

Due to the work we completed, the Queensland Department of Education was secured as a key client.
Man and colleagues video conferencing for work collaboration
An image of a student using iSee at school to enhance distance learning and collaboration

Connecting Aussie Kids

Enriching online interactions with students Australia-wide and abroad.

Happy Client

Continued development work improves iSee, helping to reach an even broader audience.
A screenshot of the iSee platform facilitating university students and teachers
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