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How To Impact

Kids Health Buddy

Reorganising healthcare information for kids.

A website preview for Kids Health Buddy showing the easy-to-use search feature.
The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network found that many of their visitors had very little experience of what the hospital journey is like.

We created a modern site and cutting-edge interactive 360 video that helps organise their enormous amount of healthcare information to make it accessible to young patients and anxious family members.
Kids Health Buddy landing page screenshot.

We were presented with

The Challenge

To organise thousands of pieces of healthcare information into an accessible, easy-to-search website that kids and family members were able to use.

That became

The Solution

A Learning Lesson

Teaching the Australian curriculum was the primary focus of the game so we worked closely with the client to integrate their primary school education expertise.

The question types and format were outlined by the client, while we advised on gamification, pacing, and risk/reward systems to make the game engaging.
An image of the cogniss dashboard
A series of screenshots from Mass Mutations, an educational STEM game developed by Sydney based Game Development Studio Chaos Theory Games

Designing for Kids

There were a number of considerations made to make the game suitable and appealing to kids, such as the aesthetic, UX design, and game design.

The gamification techniques were carefully selected to avoid any manipulative or coercive mechanics as we wanted to develop a wholesome game that focused on the education that is the core of the experience.

The result is a game where kids keep coming back to learn more, not to maximize their points.

App Size and Project Delivery

The build size needed to be as small as possible to fit inside the Cognis engine and not bloat the app. With a large number of custom 3d assets, we had to plan optimization from the start.

Other than typical Unity 3D optimization techniques, we focused our efforts on using low poly models, tileable textures, upscaled lighting data, and custom shaders to achieve the final aesthetic in a micro-sized package.
An image of one of the math questions presented to players in Mass Mutations, an educational STEM game developed by Sydney based Game Development Studio Chaos Theory Games

Which lead to

The Results

ATOM Awards Winner

For the “Best Educational App or Ebook”.
An image of the ATOM Award, where Mass Mutations won an award for best educational app or ebook
An image of Mass Mutations on the Google Play Store

5,000+ Downloads

Generated by the pilot app, STEM Explorer, with minimal promotion.

USA Version

A USA curriculum version of the app was released due to popular demand.
An image of the Mass Mutations key art
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