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Top Teacher


Digital Education Games to Brighten any Classroom

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playEd is an e-library of digital education games to brighten K-6 classrooms. It's a platform made to support educators and motivate students' learning.

Learning experiences shouldn't just accomplish learning goals. They also need to support the growth of social, interpersonal, and digital fluency skills.

playEd equips students with the curiosity and digital fluency they need to thrive in a digital world.

We were presented with

The Challenge

Top Teacher needed a new tool for teachers to amplify the power of digital play. They wanted to empower educators with a platform that could plan lessons, play games and monitor student progress.

We worked closely with the team to create engaging digital, learning experiences to delight young minds in the classroom.

That became

The Solution

Exciting, Customisable Games

playEd's GameZone is a suite of customisable, digital games created to teach Literacy and Numeracy Modules.

All games are a vibrant fusion of fun and learning, they also promote collaboration and healthy competition between students.

Students can play every game across iPads, desktops and smartboards.
A photograph of a young student playing playEd's Let's Race Game on an iPad
A photograph of students playing playEd on their iPads in class with their teacher

Intuitive Teacher Portal

playEd's teacher admin portal prioritises engagement usability and personalisation to make an educator's job easier.

Lesson planning is now hassle-free - teachers can add and update games in the GameZone
and assign tailor-made games to individual students and groups.

playEd also tracks students' playtime performance and results, saving teacher's time and effort when it comes to reporting.

Dedicated Service Partner

We are the trusted maintenance and service partner, helping to analyse the platform's performance beyond its launch.

We're working closely with TopTeacher to develop and release improvements to the platform, making teachers' lives easier, and time in the classroom more fun!
Screenshot from playEd's Let's Roll Game

Which led to

The Results

Launched Worldwide

playEd is helping shape young minds around the world through the power of games.
A photograph of students playing playEd's Let's Race Game on a smartboard in class
Screenshot from playEd's Let's Explore Game

Happy Client

Launched in January 2022, continuing to support & update the platform.
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