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Fed Square

Seagull TV

Interactive Seagull Activation on the Big Screen

Fed Square’s new digital channel Seagull TV, is activating the impressive Big Screen as a part of the Kaleidosquare summer program.

Seagull TV is a suite of innovative, digital content created in collaboration with Spatial Sauce as part of Fed Square's living, breathing virtual world in heart of Melbourne CBD.

The installation is captivating the hearts of Fed Square visitors through joy, music and movement.

We were presented with

The Challenge

Experiential experts, Spatial Sauce needed a development partner to help create 3D art assets and gamified elements for Fed Square's latest and greatest activation on the Big Screen.

The client wanted to combine original digital content and AR games into an interactive installation to attract people to sing, dance and play.

That became

The Solution

Seagull TV Broadcasting Now

Seagull TV airs Seagull Sessions, featuring animated music videos by Gull5, Gull-O-Vision, a portal that lets people experience life as a seagull lounging by a pool and Beachball Bonanza, a game where players chase and jump for virtual beachballs.

The activation is played in real time; experiences are presented with accurate day and night cycle, live weather effects and procedurally created content based on actual events in the square.
A photograph of children playing Beachball Bonanza on Seagull TV at FedSq

Big Games on the Big Screen

Beachball Bonanza is a fast-paced AR game where players need to keep the beach balls from falling on the ground.

The game uses skeletal and gesture tracking, depth tracking, and agent-based AI to seamlessly follow the movements of multiple players simultaneously in the square.

Fun-lovers are stopping by and playing each game of Beachball Bonanza by working together. Jumping, running and having fun has players coming back for more.

Meet Seagull Boy-Band, GULL5

We worked closely with the team to bring to life Avian Buoy Band Sensation - GULL5.

Our artists and animators designed stylish, chip-loving 3D characters, inspired by Fed Square's seagull-themed mascots and K-Pop bands. Each gull has it's own unique style, personality and voice

We also helped animate the GULL5 music video, Relationchip, a unforgettable part of the broadcast that gets everyone in the square on their feet to dance and sing along.
A 3D image of Seagull TV's Avian Buoy Band Mascots - Gull5

Which led to

The Results

Live on the Big Screen

16 January 2022 - 31 December 2022
3pm - 4pm Daily
6pm - 7pm
A photograph of a child playing Beachball Bonanza on Seagull TV at FedSq
Photograph of two people in front of Federation Square

Beachball Bonanza

Since launching, over 30 people have worked together and played with the Gull5 every day!
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