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Gateway to Science

Virtual Farm

Hands-on Farming Simulation Exhibit

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Virtual Farm is an interactive science exhibit that teaches young children about standard farming practices.

The game is inspired by real and common crops grown on actual North Dakota farms. Players learn how to manage various crops and score points based on how much crop yield they produce and profit they made.

Virtual Farm is available to play at Gateway to Science, North Dakota's Hands-On Science Centre.
A group of young children playing the farming simulation game, Virtual Farm on an interactive tabletop at the Gateway to Science Centre.

We were presented with

The Challenge

Gateway to Science wanted to introduce kids to local agricultural practices through an educational, interactive game.

The client tasked us with creating an exhibit to teach young students them how to manage and maintain farm crops, that they can play over and over again.

That became

The Solution

All About Practical Learning

Simulation games allow learners to apply their knowledge into a practical situation.

Players are free to experiment with different agricultural tools and farming techniques to get the most points and best crop yields. Through curiosity and determination they can learn what does and doesn't work in a fun and interactive way.

Competitive gameplay can encourage kids to ask questions and dive deeper into farming education. There are also in-game information boxes offer facts behind the real world farming practices.
Screenshot from the game Virtual Farm, faming simulation game made by Gateway to Science and Chaos Theory Games
Photograph of a young child playing on a museum touchscreen interactive table

Championing Tactile Gameplay

Virtual Farm has been created as part of an installation that uses NFC trading cards to play the game. Players can pick which crops and farming practices that they want to use in the game

Cards have information on them that engaged kids can look at to learn more. It's part of the interactive gallery that helps to teach STEM to students of all ages.

The game supports 4 players simultaneously, this is an opportunity for kids to collaborate with each other to find the solution.

iPad App for Mobility

Mobile devices let's students take the fun home!

The client asked us to create a stand alone iPad app version of Virtual Farm that could be taken around to kids across the state.

Parents and teachers can provide the hands-on, learning experience to their kid on the go. This means players can experiment and progress in the game in their own space and at a pace comfortable for them.
A photograph of young child playing Virtual Farm on an iPad

Which led to

The Results

Live Exhibit in the US

Virtual Farm is available to play at the interactive exhibit gallery at Gateway to Science, North Dakota’s hands-on science centre.
Screenshot from the game Virtual Farm, faming simulation game made by Gateway to Science and Chaos Theory Games
Photograph of adults playing Virtual Farm on the interactive tabletop

Happy Client

Launched in September 2021, we will update this case study with detailed stats as they become available.
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