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Game developers are the storytellers and dream weavers that create immersive worlds and compelling stories.

100% Australian based, we are the leading VR, AR, Web and Mobile game developers at the forefront of the booming, interactive entertainment industry.

Our experienced team of programmers, game artists and producers are the experts in designing fully immersive environments through technology and innovation.

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What is Game Design?

Game Design is the process of planning and implementing game aesthetics, mechanics, story and technologies.

Developing a game from conception to completion is complex; designers, programmers, artists all contribute to the foundation of successful game development.
Aesthetics illustrate how your game looks and feels, and set the tone for the player's experience.
There are the procedures and rules to the games, mechanics describe the goal of your game.
The story is the sequence of events that unfold, mechanics and aesthetics strengthen the storytelling.
Technology are the materials and interactions that comprises of all game design, it faciliates the interaction between the player and the game.

The Power of Great

Game Design

Memorable games are built on solid and purposeful game design foundations. Game designers can perceive the bigger picture and are responsible for the creative direction and flow of the game.

Games that utilise strong game design tactics and techniques offer the following:
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Immersive Player Experience

Great game design requires being a good listener and with an innate knowledge of the players mindset and habits, games have the power to create a personalised and immersive experience for the player.

Games can evoke emotional connections, and can transform digital interactions through experiential platforms.

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Challenge and Inspire

Good game design offers balance of aesthetics, mechanics, technology and storytelling. All these elements should guide players to make decisions and take action.

Balanced and purposeful game design always inspires and motivates players to enhance their experience.

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Celebration of Innovation

Technological and social advances influence game design, presenting developers with endless opportunities to innovate through games.

Explore the different facets of games design, create new elements, challenge preconceptions and innovate through games and gamified apps.

We are the Leading Experts in

Game Design

Armed with creative, technical and strategic minds, our team of game designers are the best in the business.

Highly experienced and skilled in all processes of game design, your game will be in the best hands with the game development experts.
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Best in Game Design

We are the experts in creating digital, gamified experiences for every of business purpose.

We design immersive and interactive experiences for every platform, smartphone, tablet, gaming consoles, and wearable technology.

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Full-Service Development

We offer full-service game development, our dedicated team is by your side every step of the way of the development process.

From conception to completion, our stand-out services and leading expertise is guaranteed. Our artists, developers and producers are all multi-talented creatives!

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Award Winning Games

Our games have won numerous awards across a variety of industries and businesses.

Our software, applications and games are widely recognised and celebrated for their innovation and success in the market.

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