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The LEK Labs Wild West

A Wild West-themed treasure hunt!

An App Preview for Snakes The Game, an app developed by Sydney Game Development Studio Chaos Theory Games
We were approached by Terem Technologies on behalf of L.E.K Consulting (Sydney) to develop a location-based alternate reality game, all within an incredibly tight time frame - 2 weeks!

The Wild West Adventure app was to be used during a corporate getaway to entertain staff, and as a demonstration of what can be achieved with rapid prototyping.
An image of someone playing the LEK Labs Wild West Adventure while on their bike

We were presented with

The Challenge

The inability to test whether our GPS waypoints were correctly aligned. We had two weeks to build and distribute the app onto the phones of every L.E.K employee on the retreat. There was also no WiFi available, so updating the app or remotely wasn’t an option.

That became

The Solution


We ran workshops with Terem to come up with suggestions on more efficient ways to achieve objectives, and leveraged existing tools to overcome the restricted timeline.
An image of 3 women having a workshop meeting
An image of someones hand who is playing LEK Labs Wild West Adventure app

Custom GPS visuals

For the core functionality, we added a custom Wild West skin to a prebuilt map plugin. We restricted the boundaries of the map to a target area around our own office, and then used a GPS simulator to calibrate the real map with known GPS coordinates.


As a further time saving measure we proposed that we should use a passcode to unlock the game rather than implementing live-ops. This allowed for the same functionality as live-ops, while significantly reducing complexity.
An image of someones hand playing LEK Labs Wild West Adventure in a forest

Which led to

The Results

Successful Activation

The client used the Wild West experience at the company getaway to great success. The game was considered the highlight of the event.
An image of someones hand playing LEK Labs Wild West Adventure in a park
An image of someone holding a phone and touching the LEK Labs Wild West Adventure app

Delivered a robust prototype

We delivered a robust prototype to the client EARLY so that 2 of the L.E.K team members could test the experience themselves around their Sydney office.
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