Fridays are for the Future!

The worst of the impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030 and many of our leaders are still not taking it seriously. Every single one of us on this planet has the power to save it, no more debates, no more denial and no more delay - we need climate action now!

The Chaos Theory team joined the global fight on November 29 2019 at Sydney Townhall, where approximately 1000 high school and university students and community activists rallied for Global Day for Climate Justice.

We are avid believers in the power of games and how today's interactive entertainment can help solve real-world social, humanitarian and environmental problems. We dedicated a small portion of our time on Friday to stand up for what we believe in, our work is important, however our planet is more important.

Summer hasn't even started and we've seen the worst beginning to a fire season in recorded history: 97% of NSW is in drought and large areas of rural NSW are in severe water crisis, leaving many people without clean water, due to climate change and compounded by water mismanagement and corruption.

The Sydney rally promoted 4 key demands:

  1. Global indigenous justice - land and water sovereignty
  2. Banning of coal, gas, oil or uranium sources and rejection of Adani
  3. Australia to move towards 100% publicly owned renewable energy by 2030
  4. Just and fair transition and job guarantee for climate jobs with the right to strike

Here are some snaps from the climate strike:

Our studio's mission is to inspire social, humanitarian, political and environmental change through the potential of AR, VR and Mobile games. Our free mobile arcade game Bleached Az recently won Best Serious Game 2019 for it's impact, and confrontational message about ocean health awareness and environmental conservation - every time you play Bleached Az, we plant a tree! Our oceans are working overtime absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, planting trees help sequester CO2 and lower temperatures which in turn is helping out our oceans!

Play Bleached Az today and help us in the fight to kuck the shut outta global warming! Download it free on iOS and Android now.