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Game art is inspirational, it's a creative and technological wonder in this digital and interactive age.

Our Australian based game artists are true masters of design, art styles, animation and visual effects. We take your complex concepts and transform them into visually-compelling and incredible games.

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What is Game Art Production?

Game Art Production is a subset of game development, it is the design stage of the process where the game's visual and artistic elements are created.

Game Artists are multi-talented, they work closely with game producers, designers and writers to bring characters, worlds and stories to life.
Concept Art
Artists illustrate a visual representation of all the ideas and concepts.
Character Models
All game characters are brought to life through character modelling.
Environment Design
Explorable landscapes, cities, even whole worlds are created by the artists.
Characters and objects given the ability to move through animation.

The Importance of

Game Art Production

Games are the ultimate engagement engines and there are a myriad of features that makes a game amazing. However without art, a game is lifeless and dull.

Art Production brings creativity and life to games, and the artist wears the following hats:
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2D & 3D Artist

Game Artists design 2D, 3D and 2.5D artworks for a wide-range of platforms.

Armed with creative and technical skills, game artists can create your unique vision in the best suited art style.

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UI & UX Designer

Amazing UI and UX designs require a balance of technology and creativity.

UI and UX designs are essential for capturing user attention, engaging audiences and retaining their interest.

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VFX Artist

Visual effects play a massive role in today's entertainment landscape.

Game artists have the power to manipulate computer-generated imagery and visual effects to create amazing in-game scenes and landscapes.

We are the

Art Production Experts

Bringing unique characters to life and designing interactive environments are what our game artists do best.

Our team of digital creatives can breathe life into your game, every feature, every element will be an unforgettable work of art.
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Concept Creation
and Design

Our experienced team of digital creatives can bring your vision to life through concept artwork.

We can guide you through in-depth conceptual stages of your game development. Whether it's 2D, 3D or VFX, our artists can illustrate and execute your artistic vision.

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Artistic Skills and Technical Expertise

Satisfying UI and UX designs are what our incredible artists and developers know best.

Visually compelling yet functional, all our award-winning games are built with the most powerful game engines by visionary developers and artists.

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Full-Service Development

We offer full-service game development, our dedicated team is by your side every step of the way of the development process.

From conception to completion, our stand-out services and leading expertise is guaranteed. Our artists, developers and producers are all multi-talented creatives!

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