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Infographic: Best VR, AR and Mobile Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Nico King
August 23, 2019

Infographic celebrating successful experiential marketing campaigns in Australia. These brands are maximising VR, AR and Mobile Technology through experiential marketing campaigns and are getting results

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Melbourne VR Activation wins Silver at AEAF 2019

Clarisse Tamayao
August 21, 2019

Winter Wayfinder has been awarded Silver at the AEAF Awards Night 2019. Together with Traffik we created an unforgettable experiential VR campaign that spread Christmas far and wide.

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Infographic: How to Create Extraordinary Experiences with Games

Nico King
August 20, 2019

Step-by-step infographic on how to plan an experiential marketing campaign. We show you how you can get the most out of your campaign by gamifying your experience with AR, VR and Mobile Games

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Infographic: Why Digital, Experiential Campaigns are so Powerful

Nico King
August 16, 2019

Our infographic on why VR, AR and mobile will dominate experiential marketing this decade. Marketing Gamification is #1 solution for creating memorable, brand experiences. We are the experts in Marketing Gamification!

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Why Digital will Dominate Experiential Marketing in 2020 and Beyond

Nico King
May 17, 2019

Stay ahead of the game with gamified marketing. 2020 is the best year for your brand to implement a successful digital experiential marketing campaign, it’s time to get on board now or get left behind.

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